Legion Launch-Week Over!

Posted by Onianger on September 7, 2016


Legion Launch and Ready for Raiding?

Without a doubt, Legion has been the most successful launch of any World of Warcraft expansion I can remember. A few lag spikes here and there but overall it was fun and enjoyable experience. Some of us here in Elysian are already close to or have achieved 840+ item level, an incredible achievement that will surely prove invaluable in our raiding campaign against Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare.

However we do understand that not everybody likes (or is able) to spend their time in WoW min-maxing and rushing through content and this is absolutely fine. We are however, aiming to start raiding as soon as the raids go live on the 21st September. Upon reaching lvl 110 you will be sent to Suramar to open up World Quests and start your gearing progression to run heroic dungeons. Don’t forget to ask in guild chat before you queue!

A number of us will be working hard in the coming weeks to provide others with crafted gear and as much Obliterum as possible to ensure we can start raiding as effectively as possible. We will be creating an equipment tab in the guild bank for those of you wanting to help out and donate, every little helps!

Guild News

As many of you know, the guild experienced some pretty large changes before Legion and with the release of a new expansion and a relatively consistent stream of new members it may have felt a little hectic. The initial rush is over for the most part and as things begin to settle, we can get back to forming the raiding community we know we can create. I would like to personally thank those that are still here from our days in Singularity and additionally welcome all of those that are new. May we create many a fond memory in the raids and mythic+ dungeons to come.


Recruitment is open for everyone!


The Emerald Nightmare 6/7